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3 Major Signs That Your Air Conditioner Should Either Be Replaced or Maintained


Your air conditioner has been serving you for some time but you start noticing major changes in its operation. What could be the problem? Most homeowners fail to seek the expert advice of HVAC companies in relation to the functionality of their air conditioners. Visit this link to get started.

Without proper maintenance of your air conditioner, it will either result in reduced performance of constant breakdowns. In case you are a homeowner, here are some major signs that you either need to replace or maintain your air conditioners.

1. Age of Unit

Most air conditioners have a shelf life of between 10-15 years before replacement. It is highly recommended to replace your A/C system after collapse of this window instead of relying on repairs. This is because your unit becomes prone to constant breakdowns. However, you can extend the life of you’re A/C unit with scheduled repairs and maintenance.

2. Upsurge of Electric Costs

After years of service, you’re A/C unit is bound to reduce its efficiency. This is majorly due to the seasonal energy efficiency ratio on aged A/C units. With the reduction in efficiency, leads to the increase in the electric charges. When you start incurring high electric charges, it could be as a result of a faulty A/C unit.

It is highly recommended to seek an air conditioning repair as an alternative option. You can consult with licensed AC repair Houston experts for air conditioning services. A system evaluation can be performed to check on the performance of your HVAC unit. View here for more info.

3. Buildup of Humidity

You have probably hear of air duct cleaning services that helps improve the functionality of your HVAC system. The performance of your A/C unit could be as a result of the state of the coil. With the evaporator coil, its main function is humidity extraction. An aged A/C unit is bound to buildup moisture leading to a humid environment in your home.

This further creates a damp feeling in your home. Therefore, you need a schedule maintenance to replace your evaporator coil. Another sign the coil needs replacement is with the presence of mold and freezing in your home.

Why You Should Seek Regular Maintenance of your A/C Unit?

With regular maintenance of your A/C unit, you can prolong the life of your unit to up to 20 years. A schedule maintenance will evaluate the condenser unit to ensure its lifespan is also prolonged.


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